Our coach is fantastic! She is very encouraging. With having no way to measure our progress, her positive attitude keeps us going. We were so pleased when we got our first success with drop shipping. -Donald M.

My experience on eBay has been great! It's an easy way to make money, and my favorite thing is that I can do it straight from my sofa! My coach was very helpful in guiding me toward achieving this first milestone, and he has given me the foundation and skills that leave no doubt of my continued success. -Anne A.

Experience Matters.

Our company not only provides you with the necessary tools to be successful, but also step-by-step video training from real Ecommerce experts showing you how to use the tools to create success.

We've built a comprehensive Video Library that is the foundation of our students training with us. It is a cutting edge training resource and one of the few world-class video libraries on the Internet today. It is available 24/7 to our students and we're always updating it to provide the latest and most relevant information.

Our Video Library contains more than 300 step-by-step videos taught by real Ecommerce experts. Which means there's no fluff, no theory, just proven techniques that you can follow to create success. These videos detail everything you'll need to know to be successful in Ecommerce. Within the library, you'll find detailed video tutorials and action plans, which if you follow, will allow you to become profitable in no time!

Our Video Library, allows our students to learn at their own pace so they can see results as quickly as they like. Remember, we are always updating our curriculum so that you have access to the most up to date tips and techniques in the industry. We vet all the new information first to make sure it's good before we pass it on to you so you can be sure that you're only getting the best. You won't find this level of care and expertise anywhere else on the Internet today!

My coach has guided me every step of the way!

I have made 1 sale on eBay. This was a Camera, also selling records and a Kindle w/Keypad. I made $149.99. My coach, he has been extremely helpful with his training and suggestions. This has been a very positive experience. My advice is to do your homework and read training material on eBay.

-Marianne N.

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